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Embrace Your Success Series

Calling on the Wisdom of the Mother (A Time of Forgiveness)

How is your relationship with your mother? Have given up on your relationship with her? Do you resent her? In this inspirational audio class, Ana Barreto shares seven insights to help you understand the wisdom of your life that was brought forward with your mother. It will open your awareness, soften your heart and begin to heal your relationship with your first home, the mother.

Seven Opportunities a Day to Bring Your Best Self Forward

Can you bring your best self to the world? It would improve your level of happiness, the quality of your relationships and your level of personal success. Get motivated and reminded that you are a gift to the world.

How to Improve Your Energy When It Really Matters

We all have those days when we are just out of energy but life demands us to be at our best. Here are some suggestions when we feel we must go on.

The Five Levels of Confidence –

Do you have the confidence that takes to go after your dreams? Do you procrastinate? Do you wing it? If you are like most people, you tend to not act on it until you are 100%, and this is a big mistake. Listen to the 10 min class and change your mind about confidence.

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Share Your Gifts – 8 Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Daily Life

This class is a 30-minute audio that has been downloaded 151K times. It will inspire you, give you practical tools to live a good life and remind you of who you really are.

Share your gifts - Ana Barreto

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  Self-Trust: 6 Ways to Increase Your Self-Trust and Heal Burnout (Part I). 

Self-Trust: How to Build Trust, Heal Burnout, and Navigate Through Life on Purpose

In this 20-minute audio class, you will learn the cause of burnout and how to use our own wisdom to overcome it and build your self-trust, which is the cure for burnout.

Tags: Inspiration, burnout, self-trust, embrace success.

Self-Trust: How to chance the Five Mindsets that Cause Burnout. (Part 2)

Self-trust: How to change the 5 mindsets that cause burnout

In this 20-minute audio class, you will have four practical suggestions to help you change the four mindsets that lead to being overwhelmed, worn-out and burned out.  You will feel better and gain the courage to live the life you planned to live.

Tags: Inspiration, burnout, change mindset, self-worth, self-trust, embrace success.


7 Opportunities a Day to Bring Your Best Self Forward

7 opportunities to bring your best self forward 2

Here are a few suggestions to ensure you tap into your life and bring your best self.

Tags: Inspiration, daily wisdom, life strategy, gratitude, energy recovering, meditation, embrace success.

“Intuition is a Superpower”

Coming Soon - Ana Barreto


Women, Rice and Beans Book Meditations

The 5 Guided meditations are companion tools for the book “Women, Rice and Beans.”  It will help you build a meditation practice and at the same time clear the mental clutter that interferes with your purpose.  It will help you learn insights, center yourself, release stubborn blocks in all areas of your life.

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