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You are a powerful creator. Meditation will help you remember it and get better at creating the life you envisioned.
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33 Breaths Meditation

Many of us experience joy regularly; often, the joy comes from our mind. We think about joy, and then we feel it. With this Meditation, we will experience joy through the heart center by opening your energy centers with 33 breaths instead of our rational mind initiating it. This meditation practice, when done often, will recondition your body to feel joyful more often.

The Connecting with the Power of Grace Meditation

In a partnership with the Holy Spirit, a meditation to connect with our inner power of grace was given to me to help people navigate life during challenging times. In this meditation, you will be guided to awaken and connect with the light of grace that lives inside all of us, receive guidance, and program your body and emotions to connect with this wisdom at a moment’s notice.

The Happy Birthday Meditation

The Birthday Meditation will invite you to be still and receive personalized divine gifts from your ancestors.

Surrendering to Love Meditation

This meditation will connect you with the energy of love. Love heals fears, diseases, anger, resentment and more.



This is a perfect meditation for beginners and for people who believe they are too busy to meditate.


The Soul Connecting Meditation is a guided meditation to help you reconnect with your higher self and realign yourself with who you truly are.


This Meditation is good for beginners and for people who feel lost, disconnected or discourage. The Grounding Meditation is perfect for people who are changing the energy of their house of office or creating intentions. You can’t create intentionally when you are not grounded on Mother Earth.



Do you need to make a decision? Do you feel anxious or divided? Perhaps you are struggle to honor your spirit. The Clarity Meditation will help you find your truth without outside influences and be at peace.



The Willow Tree Meditation has been downloaded more than 20k times. It will help you release emotional clutter and open your energy to also let go of physical objects and situations that no longer serve you.

You Can Make a Difference

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