A Sacred Space
Where Women Learn,
Grow and Get Support.

The Body, Mind & Wisdom School strives to be your Mentor and
provides support in the areas that impacting your life: Health,
Career, Spirituality, Family, Finances, Relationships, Motherhood,
Personal Growth and Mindfulness.

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When you change the thoughts you think to meaningful ones, you change your emotions. When you
change your emotions, you change the way you take action. When you take the appropriate action and
see meaningful results, your thoughts continue to change.

About Ana Barreto

Hi, I’m Ana Barreto, Founder Of The Body, Mind & Wisdom School

With over 20 years of studying Transformational Leadership and a dedicated focus on
self-empowerment, Ana Barreto is ideally suited to
facilitate your journey of becoming your best self.

As a mindfulness teacher, coach, consultant and entrepreneur, her approach honors the connection between practicality and the body, mind, and spirit.

Audio Classes

“Embrace Your Success” Audio Classes will inspire you to change your mind, open your heart and take
action. Embrace Your Success Series

Books for Women’s Soul

In addition to publishing six books on personal growth topics for women, Ana’s calling as a teacher is to champion the unlimited potential of each student. 

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